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What is this Vampyrian Spirituality? Posted on Monday, February 27, 2012

I consider myself as Vampyrian. I want the community to be united in its knowledge of what Vampyrism is and what we are capable of as Vampyr and Human; I also believe Vampyres are spiritual beings and this is my spirituality as well as what I am. I believe in many deities as well as Satanism, Luciferianism, Paganism, Christian, Eastern Spirituality, Judaism, Egyptian Spirituality, and Spiritual Humanism BUT most importantly I am my own God as we all are as Vampyres. I believe in Vampyrism as a part of my life as well as my spirituality and what makes Vampyrism a Spiritual condition is that though we are humans we have a Vampyr Spirit or Soul so we are both Human as well as Demi-God. I believe Layla is my dark mother; my personal belief is that Vampyrism is a product of her as well as the Fallen Angels, Demons, or Gods who decided to come to this realm mated with human females who bore Vampyr children.

The Vampyrian TempleUVUP is a United Vampyrian Universal (eclectic) Pagan Temple in Ohio founded Dec. 18, 2003; though we have members from all over. Our belief is all religions have there basis in truth as well as not and by trying to understand each other we may come closer to the real truth. The Pentagram is a nature symbol in the Pagan Spirituality; it represents mankind as well in other faiths and the inverted Pentagram most likely represents Otherkin (Vampyres) such as us; this is MY (Founding Rev. J P Vanir's) personal belief...

The Vampyrian belief is eclectic but different than most since we do not worship anything above us. We believe most religions are based in there understandings of truth and are not complete lies just what people understand. Most Religions make people feel good that someone may be up there taking care of them if anything goes wrong they need not fear because someone up there will make it OK. That is good for most to keep them from worrying over small things since most people trend to do that. However it takes away your personal power which you can develop on your own especially if you are other kin (like Vampyres, fea, and such). Humans can develop there own divinity through Mind exercises that other kin already posses naturally. Our spirituality is based in Vampyrism and that we have very Spiritual souls as Vampyres. The Vampyrian beliefs are best explained on the TempleUVUP site.

© Vampyrian Rev. J P Vanir Of TempleUVUP

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