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About Predatory Vampyrism and other occasions Posted on Thursday, July 7, 2011

About Predatory Vampyrism and other occasions

I have been shot down on several occasions because of my predatory Vampyrism beliefs however if you hunt for your food you are a predator; so it is not always an evil to be a predator. Whether you kill what you hunt or just go out to gather energy it is predatory. I have also been accused of being overly egotistical as a Vampyre because of my belief that we are above humans on the food chain because we feed on them. However I do not think we are top of the food chain as there is not top of the food chain; something always feeds on something else. I know there are creatures above us especially since we are still also human higher spirits (even the pure Vampyr Spirits) could easily feed on us. At least I and most in the community DO NOT kill and completely devour or prey! We only use what we need and they usually do not not notice as I am not one to hurt anyone.

© Rev. JP Vanir

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