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Possibility of Vampyr Changelings & Vampyric Fae: Posted Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Possibility of Vampyr Changelings & Vampyric Fae:

We as Vampyres as well as the rest of the other Other Kin being Other Kin Spirits in a human body are technically Changelings. Before recently this thought never crossed my mind until I researched Changelings. Most are seen as Fae or other such creatures (being more commonly known) but technically all Other Kin are other worldly spirits in a human body so we all fit the changeling mold. I believe however as Vampyres we posses the human body but still the human soul is still in there but it is controlled by the Vampyr spirit which is essentially what the human Vampyr is – a Vampyr Spirit that controls a human host. After researching more I have come to find that succubus have been referred as a type of Fae though I have always considered them a type of Psychic Vampyr as they feed on human sexual energy but then I also came across theories that many Fae actually feed on humans so does that make them Vampyric Fae?

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