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True Blood & the True Vampyre Community: July 19, 2012

True Blood & the True Vampyre Community: Most of Vampire fiction is just that – fiction. However mythology and legends as well as some fiction does have some truth in them (some more than others). It is almost scary how much reality actually is in the fabric of the show “True Blood”; obviously real Vampyres are not the undead and sunlight does not destroy us (even in the mythology) but there still is truth with in the show of the “Real Vampyre Community”. The politics in the show about mirrors the online politics in the “Online Vampyre Community” esp. all the bickering, fighting, and drama. The night club “fangtasia” mirrors the bars and clubs Vampyres go to in the bigger cities of NYC and California. Even the stuff about the fae is pretty close to the true fae except the obvious. Many of course in the “Real Vampyre Community” do not believe in the supernatural as I do (such as fae).

Most of the Online Vampyre Community (OVC) do not mix there Spiritual or Religious beliefs with there Vampyres but I personally see my Vampyrism as a Spiritual condition. Many in the “OVC” see Vampyrism as a human condition I do not; I believe although we are in a human body our Spirit (Soul) is Vampyric and therefore we have a higher energy metabolism and must feed on humans. We do not need to take more than a cup at a time or sometimes less depending on the person (most take less) and we most certainly do not kill or take with out permission as that is looked down upon in the community and many have willing donors. One thing that almost no fiction writes about is psychic Vampyres with the exception of 1985’s movie “Life Force” but they are mostly found in Eastern mythology.

The one thing people who watch true blood do not get, as most do not know much about the fae except what shows tell them, is why Bill and Eric are so enamored with Sookie is because her fae Blood and energy is intoxicating to Vampyres. I do believe Bill truly loves her as he stop her from being happy and wants her to be with whomever makes her happy as he has proven many times unlike Eric who only wants her for himself and even “glamoured” Alcide to get him out of the way. Sure they both want to protect her and keep what she is a secret but that is to keep her safe and alive for just for them. Eric only thinks he loves her but only loves her blood while Bill truly loves her enough to want to see her happy no matter how much it hurts him.

© Vampyrian Rev. J P Vanir

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