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Vampyrian Creation Theory Posted on Saturday, February 18, 2012

The beginning of Mankind and the physical Realm:

Albert Einstein once said that energy can nether be created nor destroyed which is what ones Soul or Spirit is: The purest type of living energy and that is why I firmly believe in reincarnation. So were did we come from then? The ancient Gods and Spirits never were created but always were. Many of these Gods and Spirits are Vampyric. They place in which they reside only has so much for them to feed on so they decided to gather together and created a physical realm full of living creatures that could go forth and multiply creating more living creatures for the gods to feed on. Back in the old days the Gods could equally share the food without disrupting the peace of the physical world. However, eventually the Humans found out about the gods. They then chose and even created particular Gods to worship and give particular attention and energy to. This made many of the Gods Jealous and one Particular God even made it a Sin to place other Gods above him and forbid his “followers” to worship, believe in, or even recognize any other Gods. This was the beginning of “Religion” and the death of pure innocent Spirituality. We are Spiritual Creatures and should never subscribe to such nonsense...

The Beginning of Vampyres and Other Kin:

One day after watching there Human Creations some of the Gods decided to possess there creations and even reproduce with them and the humans would then give birth to hybrid human/Vampyr children. The Gods also have the ability to be seen in the Physical Realm and if they posses the human as an infant still in the womb a Human Vampyr hybrid is born. One of the Gods experimented with one of his first human creations Layla and made her like himself (part God) however she did not want to submit to her given husband nor submit to the God that created her. What do you expect from a woman made as a god and giving a god like ego. She was a higher being than her given husband even though they were made equally from the dirt she was given a Vampyric God like Spirt and he demanded that she submit to him and treated her as a dog! She tried to be reasonable but the God that created her told her to submit as a woman should; she was furious! She then left the garden decided to have relationships with the other Gods and Spirits that visited the physical realm to mate with other humans giving birth to more powerful Vampyric succubus children.

© Vampyrian Rev. JP Vanir Of TempleUVUP

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