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Vampires are Spirits Not the undead: June 21, 2012

Vampires are Spirits Not the undead:

Through out my research most I have read who have studied and studied Vampires I believe are mistaken in there belief that Vampires are undead. In all my research as well as my personal knowledge (as an HLV which we will discuss later) I have come to the conclusion that that the Vampires they study and believe are undead are actually spirits that inhabit a host who may have recently died, sick, or at the brink of death and the Vampire (Spirit) invades the person using the host to feed and remain in this world. They are not the undead coming back to life to bite you and infect you with a Vampire Virus; there is no turning into a Vampire as they were never human. Spirits usually can only remain or be seen in this world for a limited amount of time though there are a very few exceptions and that usually depends on the Spirit as well as its strength. There are several types of Vampires just like anything else out there; most however live in another (Spiritual) realm and only come out when they need to. Basically anything that feeds on the life force, emotions, or energy of Humans is Vampiric. However just because it is Vampiric does not make it a Vampire; what makes something a Vampire is that it needs to feed on human living energy for sustenance just as humans need to eat plants, fruits, and animals for there survival or just plants and fruits depending on there dietary choice (Vegan, Vegetarian, or what have you).

Another type of Vampire is pure Spirit which chooses to stay in the Spiritual plane though they may be seen depending on the person as well as the strength of the Spirit and if it has feed enough. These Vampires either while they are asleep, unaware, or if they are starving may attack a person but that takes more energy to do and it is pretty rare for that to happen. Most Vampires will not kill or harm the person they are taking from to get what they need but will only take as much as they need and move on. It is rather pointless to kill a person for there living energy since it is constantly revived and the food would run out rather quickly; they are not evil demons but creatures feeding for survival and to remain healthy. The most common times they feed is while the person is asleep as this is the easiest way (astral). I am sure most people have heard of the incubus, succubus, as well as the mare (nightmare); these are the most well known forms of “night feeders”. The mare generally feeds on fear and stays connected to there victims as well as well as poltergeists. Most Vampires seem to be very protective over those they take from regularly and are also very OCD and possessive (dominant).

Most people assume all Vampires feed on though lately the psychic Vampire is becoming more known even if it is generally misunderstood as any emotional parasite and not something that needs the energy to remain healthy. Vampires actually feed on Human Living Energy (HLE) or life force for its food and there or several was to get this although most take it directly psychically they may also take it from the blood but they need a lot of blood to get what they need (there is living energy contained in the blood). Many do not bother with the blood depending on how much they need as well as there personal preferences and which works best for them. The Vampires which are pure Spirit do not feed on blood obviously because they are Spirits and the blood is physical but the Vampires in physical bodies often take both. Just like any other creature they are all different and there are many different types all with different feeding methods. Most people who have seen these Vampires have assumed they just feeding on the blood but have not stuck around long enough to be sure and with there ignorant forms of Vampire hunting they saw a dead corpse in the grave that looked like it had fresh blood in its mouth only confirmed this assumption because of there lack in knowledge of the process of decay.

The next and most common to type of Vampire to come in contact with is what most have referred to as the Strigoi or the Living Vampire (Witch); however as with most myths and legends the stories/research is over exaggerated to coincide with there beliefs, religions, and culture as well as because of there fear and misunderstanding. My main understanding is of the Living Human Vampyre (HLV) which are humans who where taken over by a Vampyre (spirit) in the womb instead of a human soul while they were embryos. Most of these individuals grow up as normal children (babies) but most start to notice differences in them selves around puberty; they recognize them, deny, or ignore them. Some however take longer to realize it if at all. Many of these HLV’s will never come to realize what they are as well as there true nature (most) or will deny it. Energy exchange is not that uncommon however the difference between someone who does energy exchange, and emotional parasite, and a Living Human Vampyre is that a real LHV needs to take in Living Human Energy in order to maintain there health and well being or the Vampire Spirit will take it from them and there human body will become weak, sick, and there health will suffer.

© Father JP Vanir

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